Louise works with her healing guides combining her many healing modalities in a light altered state, allowing them to gently guide her to where the healing energy is most needed. It may be on a physical, spiritual or emotional level or often a combination of all three, as energetically these three elements make us whole.

The healing session will release energetic blockages, restoring balance and harmony throughout the body. This healing session is a non-invasive hands on healing session. Each session is very unique and individual to the recipient. There may be occasions when more than one session is required.

Rahanni Celestial Healing.

Rahanni is a beautiful 5th dimensional gentle but very powerful healing modality. It helps to release all fear based thinking and negativity by balancing the energetic body and opening you up to love, truth and compassion. It helps us with communication and to gain control over our lives. Rahanni healing gives you a huge sense of peace, tranquility and harmony filling you with love and positivity. Children especially enjoy this beautiful healing modality and respond well to the gentle energy. Rahanni works on a higher vibration therefore reducing the healing time.

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As a psychic medium Louise connects with her spirit guides and your loved ones in the spirit world to give you a reading directly from Spirit in a gentle and sensitive way.

Her messages bring spiritual guidance and clarity and will often answer questions you may have helping to bring your thoughts back into alignment. A spiritual message can be a profound and memorable experience bringing the recipient a huge sense of comfort and healing. A reading can help guide you in a new direction helping you to overcome any difficulties you may currently be experiencing.

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Spiritual Guidance & Healing Session

Do you often wonder “Am I on the right pathway” Do you need some reassurance and guidance to help you? Do you ever hear yourself saying “I just don’t feel myself” and can’t explain why?

Spirituality and Spiritual growth are an essential part of our general wellbeing. When we are out of alignment with ourselves it can affect us on many levels. The attention we give to negative feelings and emotions can create a great deal of disease and discomfort within us. It will bring forward feelings of discontentment and a sense of little or no fulfilment in our lives. We often look to outside sources for an answer to these feelings of disharmony, when in fact the answers often lay very simply within us.

A spiritual guidance session will highlight the areas in your life where you are feeling lack and help give you some confidence and the reassurance you have been seeking, sometimes for many years giving you a great sense of peace and harmony with the world and a far greater sense of purpose.

It is important to understand that this is a simple process that needs only our open mind and connection to self.

Once this has been achieved wonderful things will begin to happen. It will help you to have a greater understanding of your self and help to focus your attention on the positive.

Louise will connect with her guides to bring forward their spiritual guidance which will then be followed with a healing session to release any energetic blocks, fears, anxieties or long held onto connections with a past life event or person. You may have been holding onto these for many years, often without realising. Which may have been restricting your personal and spiritual growth. By releasing them it will help you move forward with your life in a positive way.

This session lasts for an hour and a half.

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Louise teaches her skills as a psychic medium to several groups on a weekly basis and runs regular workshops locally. The groups have been designed to help expand and deepen the skills of those who are interested in developing their own psychic skills and intuition, encouraging those she teaches to walk their own spiritual pathways.

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