My Story.

When I was a teenager I remember very clearly regularly feeling that someone was in my bedroom and sitting on the end of my bed. I felt the indentation and the sensation of the weight moving my bed slightly. I remember thinking absolutely nothing of it, it felt safe and “normal” I simply didn’t question it or mention it to anyone until I was much older.

Then in 2000 my spiritual journey really began when I attended my local spiritualist church with a friend. The moment I walked through the doors and listened to my first service I felt as if I had ‘come home’. The words being spoken by the Medium really resonated with me and I have never looked back. At the same time I was experiencing lots of negative spiritual activity in my home, my family were being affected hugely, especially my three children. One night, just as I was falling asleep I had the duvet pulled off my bed and my hair was pulled. I fell down the very narrow stairs in our cottage and I remember thinking that it felt as if I had been pushed, but it made no sense to me as I was on my own.

My children would wake nearly every night describing a lady who was standing over them holding an injection needle or pressing on their chests and singing in their ear. My youngest who was a baby at the time woke every single night crying whenever I went to bed, I remember thinking how odd it was, there was no pattern to her waking, only that it was always the time I went to bed. It soon dawned on me that she too was being disturbed at night by this spirit in our home. Something had to be done.

I was lucky enough to be given the name of a wonderful medium who came to my home and moved this spirit, who turned out to be a lady who had lived there many years before and had not gone to the light. She was stuck and felt I had moved into her home and was living her life. This clearing changed the energy almost immediately it was totally overwhelming for the whole family. I was also given healing for the first time that day and I can honestly say I had never before felt anything so intense and pure.

I began to attend a weekly development circle and soon trained to become an approved Spiritual Healer, Reiki Master, Energy worker and eventually a full time Medium.