Louise Hedges
Psychic Medium 

Heres a little bit about me

Louise is a Psychic Spiritual Medium, Reiki Master, Energy healer, Spiritual Healer, Trance Medium and Teaches Spiritual and Psychic development to several groups in Corsham. She has been working with spirit for twenty years and demonstrates her mediumship in local Spiritualist Churches and Centres.


A few things I offer

Below is a list of the services I offer, if you would like to discuss anything please feel free to contact me below.


As a psychic medium Louise connects with her spiritual guides and your loved ones in the spirit world to give you a reading directly from Spirit in a gentle and sensitive way personal to you.

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Louise works with her healing guides combining her many healing modalities in a light altered state, allowing them to gently guide her to where the healing energy is most needed.

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Spirituality and Spiritual growth are an essential part of our general wellbeing. When we are out of alignment with ourselves it can affect us on many levels mentally and physically.

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Louise teaches her skills as a psychic medium to several groups on a weekly basis and runs regular workshops locally and in Wales so feel free to enquire today and start your journey.

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The Equilibrium Natural Health Centre, 23 Leafield Way, Corsham,
SN13 9SW, Wiltshire.


+44 7786-031-221

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